AutoCAD 2017


Recently, I updated my AutoCAD from 2014 edition to 2017. Although there were other great versions in between 2014 and 2017 I decided to skip them for many reasons. But, with 2017 I was amazed.

It’s not that I use the most of AutoCAD. I don’t know yet how it performs in rendering (I think that Autodesk changed the rendering machine in a previous version) and it is something that I will find out. It is that the new version is polished and it comes with some upgrades that every drafter would appreciate. Continue reading


Image Editing Program with R (GUI)

R is not only for statistics. There is a big progress in packaging creation and there is a vast amount of libraries that let you do many things other than only statistics and data analysis. In this project it is demonstrated a GUI that lets the user make simple edits on photos. The edits user can do is to switch between GRB color mode and Grayscale, edit the Brightness of the image, the Contrast and the Gamma.  I wouldn’t recommend using this script on large pictures that are several megabytes because it makes the system crash. Continue reading