AutoCAD 2017


Recently, I updated my AutoCAD from 2014 edition to 2017. Although there were other great versions in between 2014 and 2017 I decided to skip them for many reasons. But, with 2017 I was amazed.

It’s not that I use the most of AutoCAD. I don’t know yet how it performs in rendering (I think that Autodesk changed the rendering machine in a previous version) and it is something that I will find out. It is that the new version is polished and it comes with some upgrades that every drafter would appreciate. Continue reading

Yongnuo RF603 II Flash Triggers with Nikon D60 and old flash

As I have written already at the info section, I am into photography. Recently I bought a pair of flash triggers, the Yongnuo RF603 II. My camera is a Nikon D60 (entry level before some years).  I thought this would be a useful post for some people like me, with an entry level camera and not enough budget to buy hi-level equipment (like Pocket Wizard triggers etc.). Continue reading

Neural Networks (a brief intro)

Some years before a movie came out. It was a Spielberg’s one and the name was AI. Nice movie, nice story. But AI was not an unknown word even at this time when the movie came out. Artificial Inteligence was a known term and describes the concept of how a machine can learn and addapt from/to situations. It was first used from John McCarthy, in 1955 as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Continue reading