Things I don’t regret buying: Logitech M500 corded mouse

logitech128I was looking for a mouse to use for CAD drawing and general use on my computer. I didn’t want to spend much money on a Blue-tooth so I decided to go corded. The M500 caught my eye and I decided to buy one. Continue reading


Things I don’t regret buying: JBL Flip 3

jbl logoAs I spend many hours in front of my pc drawing, surfing and writing, I wanted to listen to music from a sound device that performs much better than my laptop speakers. I also was wondering how many people out there practically do not listen to music. I don’t mean that they do not listen to music literally. The sound they hear is not music. It is just something that has rhythm, a lot of bizzzz and hizzzz and something like melody. But certenly not music. Laptop speakers do not produce even an average sound quality (unless your laptop is equipped with some state of the art laptop speakers but even then…). Continue reading

Yongnuo RF603 II Flash Triggers with Nikon D60 and old flash

As I have written already at the info section, I am into photography. Recently I bought a pair of flash triggers, the Yongnuo RF603 II. My camera is a Nikon D60 (entry level before some years).  I thought this would be a useful post for some people like me, with an entry level camera and not enough budget to buy hi-level equipment (like Pocket Wizard triggers etc.). Continue reading