AutoCAD LT? No way, even if it was free…

autocad-lt-2017-badge-150x150Some years now, Autodesk combines the classic AutoCAD edition with the release of one cut edition, the AutoCAD LT.

Someone would expect that the difference would only be one dimension and LT would only be an AutoCAD with 2D features. But, this would be a great story if it was true…

The limitations of LT edition not only stop in 2D but go far beyond this.

First of all, AutoLISP is not supported. Yeah, you’ve heard that. There is no LISP support, so forget about custom commands, forget about custom plugins from 3rd party developers and of course forget a big range of extras that come with LISP support.

Secondly, there is no Express Tools on LT. Yes, you heard that too! And it is very natural as there is no LISP support…

Moreover, the user of LT AutoCAD cannot create his own visual styles, cannot extract data and finally cannot find somewhere the command of Multilines (because LT does not support multilines)…

LT is so limited that I cannot find a reason why someone would use this edition. Even though it costs much less than the classic AutoCAD, I think that the experienced CAD user will find it as a piece of junk, that eventually will not let him do his work. It is priced at 50$ for a month of usage, 380$ for a year and 1140$ for 3 years subscription. And, of course after these periods, the user will not even own a CAD program.

When there are plenty of great AutoCAD clones out there with NanoCAD and BricsCAD standing out, and someone can purchase them with a fraction of the money Autodesk asks, then it is questionable whether LT should exist or not.

In any case if someone would like to purchase this edition of AutoCAD, I strongly recommend making use of 30 days trial period before giving his money for a program that may not help/let him do his work.


Source: GCU.GR

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