Things I don’t regret buying: JBL Flip 3

jbl logoAs I spend many hours in front of my pc drawing, surfing and writing, I wanted to listen to music from a sound device that performs much better than my laptop speakers. I also was wondering how many people out there practically do not listen to music. I don’t mean that they do not listen to music literally. The sound they hear is not music. It is just something that has rhythm, a lot of bizzzz and hizzzz and something like melody. But certenly not music. Laptop speakers do not produce even an average sound quality (unless your laptop is equipped with some state of the art laptop speakers but even then…).

So I decided to buy a Bluetooth device that I can carry around, I can listen to songs from my smartphone, I can connect it easily to my laptop, and that would fill all the room with music! The name of this speaker: JBL Flip 3!!!


Flip is my music company for over 6 months. The sound quality that it produces is decent. Mellow mid sounds and sweet basses flood the room, while higher fidelities talk to your soul! There is no way that you are going to hear a hizzz or any extreme bass with that soundbar. No loudness and not dizzy trebles. Just great quality music, that if it comes from a good digital source (like spotify) then the result is superb!


The built quality is also great. Good quality plastic parts well combined with fabric and two moving small subs give a great touch. Battery life is more than everyone would expect. The manufacturer says it’s about 10 hours. You will find out that it is more than this, if you are going to listen to music in a small room with the volume in the middle. I hardly charge it once a week.

Connectivity: It connects to your phone, laptop etc. with Bluetooth (4.1) or cable (AUX). The control buttons can also control the device (phone or laptop where the phone button is used to pause or forward etc. and you can also answer your phone calls).  But the magic comes when you have 2 or 3 Flips. The device that is connected to the source is the master and it can give signal to another one or two slaves! (My friend George recently bought two Flips and connects them together in order to have music in all the rooms of his apartment with decent results).

The price is a bit salty though. The average reseller charges from 80 to 100 pounds but I suggest that if you find it less than 70, just grab it. I bought mine about 58 Euros on 2016’s black Friday and I do not regret a penny.

Alteratives: I would not suggest  any other soundbar on this range of money (50-80 pounds).

 For a more extended review, you can check the soundguys here:

Happy music in your life!



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