The most essential AutoCAD commands and their shortcuts that will save you many working hours

Using AutoCAD with only the mouse is a NO NO. No professional does this for many obvious reasons. First of all, using only the mouse and not the keyboard makes you spend more time on a command that could be done with the press of one or two buttons. Secondly, using the mouse-keyboard combination lets you get the most of out of commands letting you use subcommands, multiple command options, easy number typing etc. After all, using only the mouse is not that professional and you will not look like one.

So, these are the most useful and most used AutoCAD commands and their keyboard shortcuts that will rocket your productivity.

  • Point (po)
  • Line (L)
  • Polyline (PL)
  • Circle (C)
  • Rectangular (REC)
  • Polygon (POL)
  • Trim (TR)
  • Move (M)
  • Rotate (R)
  • Fillet (F)
  • Mirror (MI)
  • Scale (SC)
  • Offset (O)
  • Explode (X)
  • Break (BR)
  • Copy (Cp)
  • Polyline Edit (PEDIT)
  • MTEXT (T)
  • Align (AL)
  • Hatch (H)

Bonus: Extend (TR(trim)+Shift)


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