Yongnuo RF603 II Flash Triggers with Nikon D60 and old flash

As I have written already at the info section, I am into photography. Recently I bought a pair of flash triggers, the Yongnuo RF603 II. My camera is a Nikon D60 (entry level before some years).  I thought this would be a useful post for some people like me, with an entry level camera and not enough budget to buy hi-level equipment (like Pocket Wizard triggers etc.).

Some years ago I also found an old flash (Agfatronic 261B) somewhere in my house. As some of you know, YOU CANNOT USE ANY FLASH THAT FITS ON YOUR CAMERA especially the OLD ONES, due to the fact that the FLASH HOT SHOE may have voltages up to 500Volts and by the time you’ll press the shutter release button some parts of YOUR CAMERA ARE GOING TO BE FRIED because the electronic circuits cannot tolerate the high voltage of this electrical discharge.

Nikon d60 yongnuo rf603 ii agfatronic 261 B

Agfatronic 261B produces a current at 238.1V (as I checked) and I was wondering if I could use this flash with the RF603ii triggers. I red here that the specific triggers has a tolerance of 300V and this seems to be true. I tested them and for my relief, the trigger still works ( the strobe flashed about 50 times so far today).

Hope this is useful! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Yongnuo RF603 II Flash Triggers with Nikon D60 and old flash

  1. Hi, I also found an Agfatronic 261B on ebay and wanted to know how to use it with my Nikon D3200. I’m new to photography, could you please advise me ?

    • Danylo Agfatronic is a very powerful flash but not worth buying one. better buy a manual yongnuo. Anyway, if you insist using this one, better use it with triggers as I mentioned above. Otherwise it’s going to burn your camera’s flash circuit.

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