Merry Christmas and Happy 2014

xmassRI hope everyone’s wishes come true!!! I wish happiness and health to all of you!!

And this is the code to reproduce this image in R

The code: Continue reading


The use of neural networks in R with neuralnet package.

As the computing power grows the implementation of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) becomes more and more common in computational systems and programs. Here it is explained what a simple feedforward artificial neural network is and how it is supposed to work.  This article is a demonstration about the R library neuralnet [1a,b] and how it can be applied. Continue reading

Image Editing Program with R (GUI)

R is not only for statistics. There is a big progress in packaging creation and there is a vast amount of libraries that let you do many things other than only statistics and data analysis. In this project it is demonstrated a GUI that lets the user make simple edits on photos. The edits user can do is to switch between GRB color mode and Grayscale, edit the Brightness of the image, the Contrast and the Gamma.  I wouldn’t recommend using this script on large pictures that are several megabytes because it makes the system crash. Continue reading

Neural Networks (a brief intro)

Some years before a movie came out. It was a Spielberg’s one and the name was AI. Nice movie, nice story. But AI was not an unknown word even at this time when the movie came out. Artificial Inteligence was a known term and describes the concept of how a machine can learn and addapt from/to situations. It was first used from John McCarthy, in 1955 as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Continue reading