Handle or create a phone contacts file (“.vcf” format version 3.0[1])

I thought of this project in order to convert some of my  phone’s contact numbers from their national format (the one with the 00 in front of the number) to the one that the local providers recognize.

It was a bit challenging as it had to do with things like seeking from information inside data frames, converting data frames, applying changes, save data frames the way user wants etc. Some new aspects also stood on the way. Some of them I cannot figure, until this point, how to solve them.

The program is very different in its final form than it was thought first to be.  Continue reading


Rabies animal infections in Greece

This brief analysis is a demonstration about the number of animal infections with the rabies virus [1] in Greece. The period of interest is between October 2012 and November 2013 where the last infected animals were recorded. Continue reading

Importing a .csv file with data and using SQL commands to select the data we want and then plot them.

The program imports data in .csv format. It uses SQL SELECT command with two arguments, it asks the user if it is needed to group some of the data so it may use the COUNT and GROUP BY commands. After the new tables are created, it plots the data and prompts the user to give name to the plot and data.frame so they will be exported as jpeg and .csv respectively.  At the end it asks if there are data that are not numeric so it plots a bar chart instead of line plot. Continue reading